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Nick Bulka

Raised in the diverse melting pot of Columbia Maryland, Nicholas Bulka always had a fascination with the intersection of technology and the divine. Throughout his life, he seeks new ways to use technology to connect with spiritual beliefs through the primacy of music and sensation.

As he grew older, this fascination only deepened and eventually led him to pursue a career in music. He composes instrumental pieces that blend together electronic and acoustic elements, creating a unique and ethereal soundscape that highlights the simplicity of simple wave forms.

In his music, Nicholas Bulka seeks to bridge the gap between the physical world and the ineffable. He believe that music has the power to connect us to something larger than ourselves and to help us tap into a deeper sense of purpose and meaning.

As a performer, Nicholas Bulka has traveled the world, sharing his music with audiences in a variety of different settings. Whether playing to a packed venue or busking on the walking street in Copenhagen, he is always seeking to connect with his listeners on a deeper level and to enhance their spiritual journeys.

Ultimately, Nicholas Bulka is driven by a desire to use his talents and passions to make a positive impact on the world and to make it a better place for his two daughters. He believes that music has the power to transform lives and is dedicated to using his talents to bring healing, inspiration, and joy to those who need it most.

A Trace of Memory

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